Window cleaning is a cleaning job that very few people enjoy doing. Window cleaning can be hard to do and even after it has been done it can still not be an efficient one. That is why you should turn to professionals for help if you want your windows to be cleaned properly.

Our company is a cleaning agency and our window cleaning service is ideal and suitable for residential window cleaning jobs or commercial cleaning jobs. Our company has created a very detailed and convenient professional window cleaning service. Our services are cost-effective and made-to-measure.

Window cleaning can be a problem to anyone for various reasons – windows are too tall, too high, you do not use the right products and equipment or you simply dislike doing it because you can never get it right. Not to mention that window cleaning can be dangerous.

Our company has teams of professional, skilled and well-equipped cleaners who have experience in cleaning all types of windows. Our window cleaning experts can clean the windows at your house or your office, or any other premise.

Our window cleaning service uses the best professional window cleaning tools – squeegees, special sponges and cloths, water fed poles and of course, high-quality cleaning agents. Our window cleaning service is guaranteed and will not leave any streaks on your windows.

Our company guarantees you that grime, fingerprints, dust, smudges and stains will be removed easily and quickly by our expert teams. Our cleaners will first soap up and scrub your windows to loosen all grime and stains, then they will squeegee them to remove any soap residues and leave the glass sparkling clean.

This procedure will be performed on all of your windows inside and outside. If the windows are too high or too tall and cannot be cleaned by hand, our cleaners will use modern and very efficient water fed poles that help them reach several stories above the ground.

After all windows have been scrubbed and squeegeed, our cleaners will clean and dry the window edges and sills. You will notice what a difference a professional window cleaning service can make. Your windows will be shining and noticeable from a mile away.

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